Raydius Community Update — We Still Stand


Hello everyone, time flies (it has been two weeks already) and here comes our second community update. Amid the relatively gloomy market given regulatory crackdowns around the world, Chinese mining exodus, strengthening greenback, etc., but guess what? We still stand. We would not stop but keep moving and developing to the finest as we could, hope that all of you can hold the belief and get through the tough time together with us!

Product Development

Mock environment:

- Further developed the front end including TopBar, Swap Page and Explorer Page

- Completed the integration of bridge vs front end, bridge vs tracking system

- Completed the fine-tune of tracking system, including the reading of configuration file, the transfer database first in first on setting

- Fixed the bug encountered in integration test of bridge and tracking system by decreasing the links of database to avoid database links highly occupied

- Completed development and deployment of front end

Testnet environment:

- Completed the deployment of bridge in ETH, BSC, Fantom and Matic testnet

- Completed the development of testnet related configuration files in tracking system

- Completed the integration test of bridge and tracking system, fixing related bugs

PR and Marketing

Make sure to follow our Medium, here is one of the articles showcasing our vision of a multi-chain future for decentralized applications, and how Raydius is going to take place.

Welcome to a multi-chain future


Community and Events

- Solana Hackathon — We are going to take part in the Solana Ecosystem. We will be connecting Solana assets to ETH and BSC, as well as supplying liquidity for dApps on Solana. We will also be supporting stable coin swap on Solana by bridging chains and assets.

Make sure you don’t miss it out by clicking https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV14V411s7rp?share_source=copy_web

- Twitter — Thank you for your kind support, we are approaching 1,000 followers. Your support always means a lot to us!

Follow us: https://twitter.com/raydius_

- Telegram Community — We started to build our telegram community, always get the updates from there and engage with us! Feel free to join by below link:

What is Raydius?

In short, Raydius is a middleware solution designed to create a more connected blockchain ecosystem.

As you all might know, building cross-chain applications is troublesome with various layer 1 and layer 2 protocols each supporting different development frameworks. Raydius solves the problem by offering the cross layer support as a service for developers so that they could focus on creating the product most needed by users. On the other hand, Raydius offers an EVM compatible layer 2 PoS side chain built on Substrate and it connects to different layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains through bi-directional bridges. Last but not least, there are also cross-chain bridge aggregators to allow users to have a one-stop experience using dApps on different chains.

Please stay in touch with Raydius:

Website: http://www.raydius-research.com/#/

Medium: https://raydius.medium.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/raydius_

Telegram: https://t.me/raydiusresearch

Middleware solution for a more connected Layer 2 ecosystem